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3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Leadership

Leadership can be an odd thing.

Many people have anointed themselves as a "leader" with a fancy title. Others are given a title but didn't earn it. And then there are those who worked to get the title, but stopped growing their leadership once they got it.

Don't let this be you. In a world that is growing more and more devoid of real leadership, you can be different. Here's how...

  1. Leaders don't divide people, they bring them together. Creating division or only leading people who believe and think like you isn't true leadership. Real leaders work with those who don't believe the same as them, even those who disagree with them. In disagreement there is great opportunity to utilize the most powerful force in leadership: EMPATHY.

  2. Leadership isn't spoken or written, it's displayed. Many so-called leaders have forgotten the first rule of leadership, even when you're not leading anyone: lead by example. No matter what level your leadership is at, you can develop it by leading by example at all times. Someone is always watching!

  3. Leaders are lid lifters. They help others get ahead. They speak highly about people behind their backs. They lift people to new heights, often when that person couldn't do it on their own. Every single person in a position of leadership had help getting there. Someone who lifted the invisible lid holding them back. Every single one of us can be a lid lifter by seeing the best in others, pointing it out, and helping them reach a new level.

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