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Five Ways To Start Thinking BIGGER!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

There is magic that happens when you think BIGGER.

Whether it's your personal vision or a vision for your department or company, nobody wants to play small. Yet, many times, we downsize our goals and vision to match our current mindset. Here's five ways to expand your thinking...

Go after stretch goals

Stretch goals do exactly what the name describes - they stretch you. These are goals that challenge you and may even scare you a bit. They may feel uncomfortable because you're not exactly sure how to reach them or if you even can. That's okay. By going after larger goals, you will inevitably expand your thinking.

Get around people who think big

One of the best ways I've used to grow the vision for my life and what's possible is to get around people who think big. If you are spending time with people who are small thinkers or don't have big goals, it can be contagious. When the status quo isn't good enough for you anymore, be intentional about spending quality time with bigger thinkers. This can be in person or via books, podcasts, videos, TED Talks, etc.

Read and listen to stories of success

There is no shortage of inspiration available. Seek out stories of people who had a big vision and overcame their doubts, fears, and obstacles. Reading, watching, or listening to the stories of successful people will encourage you and give you a spike of dopamine.

Become aware of small thinking

Catch yourself downsizing your goals. Be aware when you make excuses, procrastinate, or doubt yourself. Stop saying "someday" and start thinking bigger. So many times the biggest limit we face is our own thoughts and beliefs.

Rewire your limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs. Those who think bigger and get after their goals and dreams push past these self-imposed limitations. Limiting beliefs hide behind your excuses, doubts, fears, and insecurities. They lead to self-sabotage and a watered down life. Want to rewire your limiting beliefs for good? Check out my next blog! :-)

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